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January 14th, 2012, 11:00 pm

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About the 'censored' battle... it's not 'cuz I'm lazy. It's partly because Chester's crazy, and partly because there is another battle coming up very shortly and I'd much rather hurry up and get to that one than show White battling every little pokemon she encounters.

(is it bad that I love drawing Chester beat up??)
ReaperofttheNight, January 14th, 2012, 11:00 pm Reply
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Didn't she think to catch it?
@Hero of Comedy: Naaaaah. Lilipups are kinda.... lame.
@Tigeri102: That's cool and all but, I think the design is really lame (its evolved form has a disturbingly large mustache.. what??) Personal preference, and I mostly have White's team planned out, and I'm not adding a whole bunch of other pokemon in it just so she can box em. She doesn't seem like the type to go "GOTTA CATCH EM ALL :D " anyway.
@Tigeri102: Yeah, I get you. I don't catch a lot of Pokemon myself though. Don't like wasting my time with Pokemon who won't be in my main team (which I decide before playing the game XD)
@Tigeri102: Ohh, niiceee. 2 man team!
@Tigeri102: Yeah, same here. I usually have a 4 man team. Sometimes 3, or 5.
@Tigeri102: Haha maybe. We may never know.
maybe the first pokemon she gonna capture is Pidove ^.^
that face is amazing.
/\ Couldn't agree more.
Too lazy to log in XD Dat. face. That's all I have to say on the matter.

@Tigeri102: I'm the same except usually I just level up the starter lots (1 pokemon team!) and the rest are just for HM's XD
Chester is so AMAZING!!!
Replies @Soraya-chan: Haha, I'm giving away nothing!
@iam-hungry: Oh yes, it's gorgeous.
@Gigi19972010: Thanks, it's White's attractive face
@Stacie: XD That's the face White makes when she wants to catch herself a man. It's her mating call face... and her "kill it" face...
@elmocrazy: duuurrr, srsly.
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i liek eggs. and your comic.
@lola: thanks
@elmocrazy: you're a meanie pie.
@Alex: I really don't understand...
add battle plz
@pink pikachu: Thanks for all the comments...
Haha no. Not adding the battle. There'll be others.
My comic is read right-to-left btw.
and what do you mean you wanna know my secret?
how do u make ur lines smoth and others
@pinkpikachu: Practice, I guess. I use Paint Tool Sai a lot and draw digitally so that helps.

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