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December 18th, 2011, 1:49 am

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BDGBFJGFDHDFH Yeaah... I'm really tired...
White doesn't understand Chester. She can't speak Pokemans. So, she doesn't have the attention span to listen to his boring life story.
(hope random angel nakedness doesn't offend anyone? (also, ref'd oshawott's 2nd panel pose and other from Cezaria on da)
ReaperofttheNight, December 18th, 2011, 1:52 am Reply
Advertisement, September 21st, 2019, 1:50 am Reply

*walking away*
That's cold...
cheetos White... lol. she's sooo bootyful. and the professor... is amazing!
lolol this comic always makes me laugh XD
White and her facial expressions omg <3
Poor Chester tho ;w;
And omg random angel boobies are awesome C8
How can Oshawott not be a popular pick.
I thought girls go crazy for the cuter pokemon.
my favorite was snivey but im still going to go with tepig next round. need to try him out.
Replies @Grimmjow: Yup. Very cold.
@iam-hungry: I like cheetos. I'm craving them now, thanks.
@Shishi Beru: XD Yay, thanks! Lol ohhh yeah, who doesn't like random angel boobies?
@Hero of Comedy: Well, before the game came out, a looottt of people hated on Oshawott (when the starters were just announced) including me. I hated it until I started drawing it. Thought it was ugly and stupid looking.
@Tigeri102: Really?? I would've thought Snivy was the most popular...
@necrolichmon: I think I'm gonna try out snivy next time, actually. Not sure if I'll ever go with tepig.
@Tigeri102: Woah. Figured its now more Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig. Idk though. Yeah, samurott's pretttyyyyy cool.
THOSE DOUCHEBAGS! Not choosing Chester, how could they?
Oh yeah, and boobs are awesome.
@elmocrazy: Srsly. Chester has feelings too.
Now you've come to the dark side. Muhahahahahaha
Chester telling his story is just... TOO CUTE!
@Gigi19972010: XD Haha Thanks
Why Tepig The BNW comic promotes Tepig... so maybe that's why people pick Tepig? oh! and cuz it's fire! fire pokemon are da best, dawg!
Oshawott? Un,popular i thought it was tepig who was hated
Marcia PS... dont think i didnt notice Marcie....
@iam-hungry: Idk. On dA, a looot of people hated on Oshawott. Most. A lot of people liked Snivy. And Tepig was.... there.
@TheProjectCore: I mostly saw hate for Oshawott.
@iam-hungry: Lolololol.
P.S. You spelled her name wrong the second time.
aww i love oshawott i called mine Dechi
i love all his evolves
@OrieMiko: I do too! :D
@ReaperofttheNight: I see how you avoided the topic of Marcie XP
@iam-hungry: once again, you spelled her name wrong. MarciA!
Poor Chester...I would so do the same (─‿‿─)
@Maxeyn: XDD You'd walk away from him too?
@ReaperoftheNight Totally...But not as ninja like as White ;p
I died. XD
@Maxeyn: XD Of course not, her level of ninjaness is advanced
@Shiuze: Noooo! XD Don't die!
@ReaperofttheNight: But it's a good kinda dying because I laughed lots. XD
when is .. when is your next padge comming out?
XD Poor Oshawott. I picked him though. :'D
@Starway09: Haha yay! He needs more love.
poor oshawott i will punch every one who left uu

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