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November 19th, 2011, 12:33 pm

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A WILD N APPEARS Finally starting chapter 2! :D I ref'd a pose from Arina Tanemura for that picture. Tried to make it more manga-cover-like
I don't know how I'm going to introduce N exactly, or whatever, but... kfhnkjhg. This is probably where it'll start to veer off from the game a little more. And ferriswheelshipping. I don't know to what extent the pairing will go or how to go about it but, yeah. Hope you guys are okay with that pairing!
ReaperofttheNight, November 19th, 2011, 12:36 pm Reply
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Hopefully you don't do what my friend did in her fanfic.... *shudder* I'll never look at that ferris wheel the same way again...
I love N and white pairing ^_^
Why do girls always think N is hot? What does he have that I don't?
@Hero of Comedy: He could talk to Pokemon. End of story.
Texture That texture is so amazing! Rsvhjdvsbhjfsvmb.
Ur banner is amazing.
@Hero of Comedy: Green hair? XD

Mmm hmmm N IS hot. Lol at the chapter title XD
The Mysterious Hot Dude
XD I almost laughed out loud. Because it's so true.
You better do N and White, they are the most amazing pair!
@Hero of Comedy: Everything.
Can't wait for the ferriswheel scene to pop up. X3
Replies @TeamSonicPrez: :o What dud your friend do??
@DarkHexGirl: Yay :D Me too!
@Hero of Comedy: I don't know. It's always hard to describe why a 2D character is hot... Long, green hair? =/
@Ramon and @Yaqirah: Probably that, too.
@iam-hungry: IKR. Texture is amazing. I need to use it more. And my banner IS pretty awesome ;D
@Everlong: XD Yeah, DAT HAIR.
@elmocrazy: XD He is
@Tigerflower: Lol it is! I love them too.
@evilRevan: Yeah! I think that was a cute scene in the game.
Me either XD
@iam-hungry: T-GHBSJGJHRVDBFG. Stop acting so gay for me. How many times do i have to say I don't want you??
@sonicballzx: Lmao thank you! Oh, don't worry about that... she's just a weirdo stalker that I know irl. Kids these days...
@ReaperofttheNight: ummm... im older than you... by like... 4 years. how am i a kid?? douchebag. and stop hacking me
@iam-hungry: Didn't know couple months=4 years. AND STOP HACKING ME YOU SHYNEH.
@iam-hungry: I meant spamming, not hacking.
@ReaperofttheNight: Let's just say that White had to go through a certain 9-month window of time...
@ReaperofttheNight: Stop spamming ur face!
@iam-hungry: Can't you tell when people get annoyed at you?
oh please please, continues this!!! I beg you!!!!!!!!
@soraya-chan: I am! :) I just haven't updated in almost two weeks due to the excitement of the holidays, but otherwise I try to update every week, which means tomorrow too XD
so...where is the next pafes_ *_*


maybe...white team gonna be:

Oswallot,Vulcarona,Haxorus,Sawbusck,Audino and hunm...maybe...Braviary or Reuniclus
I LOVE arina tanemura's art and stories!!

Now that I got that part out of the way, YOUR MANGA LOOKS SO GOOD. I love it, you are doing such a fabulous job, i'm jearous!!!!!!!! KEEP GOING ;)
@MickeyMoon: I really thought I replied to this??
Anyway, THANK YOUUUUUU :D You're so nice!

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