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June 1st, 2011, 7:46 pm

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Woops Sorry again for the incredible lateness. School. Hecticness. Again. But it's ALMOST summer, so I won't have to worry about it at allllll soon!
Lotsa ref used for this page. Like the entire page I think. Some from Google, or the sacred blacksmith manga (idk why I like using that one)

Hero of Comedy: I thought it was hideous when I first saw it. But now I think its cute... it grew on me. Yeah, it does look like a teddy bear.
TheProjectCore: Cheren got Snivy, like Hero of Comedy said. And I did, I left a comment.
Samurai pizza hedgehog: :D
EmilyAnnCoons: I usually go with fire, except for the past 2 games because I think the fire was lame... But yeah, Oshawott's my favorite of these three.
Lucazke: Yay! :D
Rubygem: Lol I JUST realized Oshawott's an otter. Isn't that a shame?
GIGA-XISBASS: I... I don't even.. know how to respond to that.
Gigi19972010: Aww, thanks!
Absoul: Lol that's true
Guest: Me too! I think he's cute now
faithgirl: Lol yeah
Shiuze: :) I think most people picked Oshawott or Snivy.
Foxblaze: I'm OK with the last one. But yeah, I don't think it's that great.
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1st COMMENT!!!! Anyways my bad i meant to say Bianca
From all the starters, Tepig is my least favorite... It's a bit ugly...
And I like the 3rd panel, the way you drew White is really good. ^^
Tepig's my least fav too.
I picked Snivy.
I've got my Snivy fully evolved by the sizth badge.
uumm question whats wrong with tepig?????
WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT ...Is that Tepig a girl?

And I lurv Tepig. D: Mine's a dude, and I named him Bob. :3
@noa i named mine xerzo
I named my Snivy Mower.
Lol I taught my Emboar Scald! Freaking Scald!! How is that possible?!
My Samurott's named Pasta.

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